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The OFATV is a federation of ATV clubs in Ontario with the goal of providing safe, legal and sustainable trails across the province. OFATV staff and volunteers are constantly working with the provincial government and municipalities championing the rights of ATV riders. 

The ATV industry in Ontario is growing significantly and there are over 600,000 insured ATV vehicles in Ontario in the province. However, there is no consistent provincial platform for riders to access trails which results is consistent confusion amongst riders and municipalities. The OFATV is open to what a Onetrail pass system would like in the province and is happy to collaborate and work with other non-federation clubs, municipalities, provincial politicians and stakeholders to generate a sustainable trail platform that meets the needs of riders.

  • Our aim is to create a future for the growing ORV riding industry in Ontario while maintaining its unique characteristics, not merely replicating the OFSC model.

  • Trail connectivity is our primary goal as we strive for the industry's prosperity and success in Ontario.

  • Although we don't have all the answers yet, we advocate for a single permit trail system across Ontario, enabling ORV riders to access organized trails with just one permit.

  • As a non-profit Federation, volunteerism is the foundation of the OFATV. Our dedicated volunteers work tirelessly to ensure open and accessible trails, striving to improve and expand a system that benefits everyone.

  • Regardless of the size or location of our trails, OFATV provides $15 million in liability insurance coverage, fostering greater access to insured trails for landowners and facilitating the development of high-quality trails throughout Ontario.

  • As our federation grows and represents more clubs and riders, we anticipate increased membership perks and offerings from sponsors and partners.

  • With an expanded federation and increased rider representation, we will be better positioned to pursue large-scale government grants that support trail infrastructure.

  • Our free trail app, QuadON, is regularly updated and displays open and closed trails. It also provides current trail ratings based on terrain difficulty.

  • The ever-evolving ORV industry in Ontario has left riders confused about where they can ride and which pass they need. Implementing a one-trail system minimizes confusion and enables riders to access any trail with a single pass.

For more information and to contact your local MPP to show your support towards growing and strengthening the trail system in Ontario for ATV riders, go to

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